Mobile screening station

Mobile screening station


1.It adopts remote intelligent wireless remote control, walks on its own crawler, and does not need a crane. It can directly go up and down the flatbed trailer through the intelligent remote control to realize long-distance transportation and transfer operations.
2.The screening machine can screen up to 4 kinds of final products (three-layer screen) with practical value, and each finished material conveyor belt can be hydraulically folded to realize the transportation of the whole machine.
3.Designed by dynamic optimization, with high-efficiency screening capacity, it can be operated independently or coordinated by multi-stage Dongmeng mobile crushing series process flow. According to the needs of customers for screening materials, a plate-type feeding system can be selected to realize the screening efficiency of special materials.
4.Before leaving the factory, it is a complete screening system, no need to go to the site to install and debug, and can be put into production quickly. The vibrating screen can be raised and lowered hydraulically, which is convenient for maintenance and replacement of the screen, and is convenient for transportation.

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Mobile screening station
Mobile screening station

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Technical Parameters

Model DMS620C
Feeding Equipment
Capacity(t/h) 450
Hopper Volume(m3) 2.5
Feeding Belt Conveyor
L x W(mm) 10500x1000
Feeding Height(mm) 2800
Motor(kw) 11
Vibrating Screen
Screen Size L x W(mm) 6000x2000
Decks 2(3)
Motor(kw) 22(30)
A-Belt Conveyor
Specification Type B650x7.5M
Unloading Height(mm) 3200
Motor(kw) 4
B—Belt Conveyor
Specification Type B650x5.6M
Unloading Height(mm) 3200
Motor(kw) 4
C—Belt Conveyor
Specification Type B650 x 7M
Unloading Height(mm) 3100
Motor(kw) 4
D-Belt Conveyor
Specification Type 功率Motor(kw) B800x8M 5.5
Unloading Height(mm) 3760
E- Belt Conveyor
Specification Type B650x2M
Motor(kw) 3
Whole Plant
Driving Motor(kw) 单76,双100
Total weight(t) 单33,双35
Capacity(t/h) 100-380
Size LxWx H(m) 14.5x3.8x3.8
External Power(kw) 62